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Our Products Focus On Your Problems, So You Can Focus On What Really Matters.

Any software development company can code, make an app, etc. But we want to give you more: More time, more freedom, and more headspace for a better business and a better life – all by creating the perfect product to make that happen.

Since 1985, SBK has been setting companies free by creating beautiful products that make life better

Have an idea? A problem? Or just need something improved? We want to be part of the solution. By combining 40+ years of software development experience with the latest technologies, we don’t just create a product that’s perfect for you — we help you and your team achieve a better way of life.

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As a people-first company, it’s no surprise that we have some pretty amazing people on our team. We know that we can’t help others achieve greatness until we first provide our team with everything they need to deliver extraordinary results.
SB Konzept Ronnie Eigenbrodt
SB Konzept Ronnie Eigenbrodt

Ronnie Eigenbrodt


Create — Design — Build — Scale.

Create — Design — Build — Scale.

Untap your true potential. Help us create digital excellence.


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