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  • Alex Mann, owner of AM Coaching and a multinational gym owner, trainer, and fitness coach needed an all-in-one platform to help clients with every aspect of getting and staying in shape
  • He wanted his clients to have everything they needed to reach peak physical fitness: -Access to thousands of workout videos with tutorials -A complete nutrition database to properly fuel their body and lose weight -Personalized calculator that would provide key nutrition and fitness insights, -Health tracker that documents their personal process -Adaptive coaching to help each individual improve
  • Other apps he had looked at were too generic or couldn’t provide what he wanted in order to gain an advantage in a very competitive market
  • The success that another fitness company had with SBK convinced him that they were the ones to deliver what didn’t yet exist in the fitness world
  • SBK made Alex’s dream a reality by providing a custom-built app with every fitness feature an athlete could ask for, including the world’s first AI fitness coach

Sharing Years of Fitness Training Insights With the World – How?

Alex knows fitness. After all, he’s a successful personal trainer that owns gyms in multiple European countries. Alex also knows fitness fanatics. For years, Alex taught others the best ways to improve the human body exercises, coaching, strategies, and nutrition to help anyone achieve optimal physical fitness. He was now ready to share these years of insights with the world via a custom fitness app. But who would provide it?

Alex Needed More Than Average Features

As Alex investigated who could provide his fitness brand’s own app, he quickly became disappointed with what other software companies offered. All he found were generic “white label” fitness apps that didn’t offer the features, capabilities, or personalization he longed to provide clients to reach their fitness potential. Not only that, but these apps failed to bring the branded user experience from his own successful fitness brand. He wanted an app to expand and improve on his existing fitness experience. Instead, only disjointed, mediocre apps were presented by other companies that lacked the capabilities and style he desired. Frustrated, Alex began to doubt he could find a company that could provide what he was looking for. But if there’s one thing his fitness journey has taught him, it’s not to give up until you reach your goal.

SBK is Recommended From an Unlikely Source: His Rival

He marveled at how well another fitness app worked for an American YouTube fitness influencer David De las Morenas. He wanted to know who is responsible for building that fitness app. In just a matter of time, he was able to discover SBK and finally called us if we would be interested in developing his idea for a fitness app. This was the beginning of a new great fitness mobile application.
Onboarding questionnaire for a personalized fitness program

SBK Brings a Dream to Life

At last, Alex could describe exactly what he wanted to people who understood exactly how to make it happen. Starting with the most important general features of the app, the design and development teams went to work on the problems users face: defining and understanding them, ideating solutions, researching them, and deploying technologies that make them a reality. Various plans and maps were drafted up to make success a certainty. User-flows, information architecture, sketches, storyboards, wireframes–everything that would be needed to understand what users want from their fitness experience. From there, Design began creating visual and style guides and interactive prototypes. Iterations were then developed that reflected how the user truly uses the app and why they use it that way–both initially, as well as over time to make sure the app would look and feel as well as it performed and to provide the experience Alex had dreamed of for years. Services:
  • UX / UI Design
  • App Design & Development
  • Web Design & Development (soon to go live)
  • Digital Transformation (evolve only)
  • Next.js
  • Firebase
  • Hybrid App Development (iOS and Android)

The Results: A Smarter Way to Get Fit

Since day one, Alex’s entire business model was built around getting results for his clients. His custom-built app is the culmination of this endeavor, fully equipping clients to attain whatever level of fitness they desire. Personalized, adaptive coaching As a fitness coach, Alex knows that a body’s needs change as clients become more fit. So he made sure SBK provided an adaptable nutrition and workout program in the app to guide each user’s fitness journey. The smart system analyzes a user’s progress and changes their nutrition and workout recommendations accordingly. Limitless Training SBK provided access to everything users would need to help clients unlock their true potential with nearly limitless training. Hundreds of guided workouts and nearly a thousand videos show users exactly what to do and how, while rep counters, history loggers, personal bests, and other data tools show them their progress.
Customized nutrition to fuel each body
  • A body can’t perform at its peak without the right nutrition to fuel it. That’s why SBK provided above and beyond to provide athletes the know-how and tools to give their body exactly what it needs, including:
  • The world’s best macro-tracking database, complete with hundreds of recipes including vegetarian and vegan options
  • The ability to create your own recipes within the app that can include photos, descriptions, steps, and instructions
  • A daily food journal with options to add meals and food items for different meals of the day to keep track of your macros
  • Customizable high/low calorie days
  • Intermittent fasting timer
  • Food barcode scanner that automatically pre-fills macros
  • The world’s most elaborate food database

Extending Alex’s Reach to Millions More

As the old proverb goes, “Health is better than wealth”. Alex has known the truth of these words for years and has dedicated his life to helping others appreciate what they mean.  But his in-person coaching could only take him so far; that’s why he wanted to provide the personalized fitness guidance, help, and support everyone needs via a custom fitness app. Thanks to the teams at SBK spending countless hours researching, testing, ideating, designing, and building his app, Alex can truly provide the fitness experience he has always wanted for his clients.  At last, with his app on their devices, every one of his clients can appreciate how good it feels to be healthy.
Evolve App Functions

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